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Blockchain technology appears to be far reaching and making changes to almost every industry. The healthcare industry is no different. Blockchain technology acts as a form of decentralized ledger that is better than every previous system of tracking transactions a minimizing the possibility of fraud. So what uses does blockchain have in the healthcare sector exactly?


  • Ensures Medical Records Are Secure
  • Helps Various Healthcare Providers Communicate More Effectively
  • Gives You Control Over How Much Certain Parties See


Ensures Medical Records Are Secure


One of the most important parts of of healthcare is privacy and security. Unfortunately, patients live in a world that is constantly being targeted by hackers and other third parties that wish to gain access to your personal information, sell it, and do not have your best interest in mind. Blockchain ensures that transfers of personal data from one computer program to another are secure and cannot be accessed by outside parties. Also, blockchain ensures that information is not accessible while it is stored because the data is highly decentralized.


Helps Various Healthcare Providers Communicate More Effectively


Medical records that have not been digitized are at times highly difficult to be transferred from one doctors office to another. This can be potentially dangerous for patients as their current healthcare provider may try to prescribe a type of medication that the patient is allergic to. If all records were to be a part of a secure system that was safeguarded by a blockchain based system, there would never again be a worry of doctors not communicating previous conditions to one another.


Gives You Control Over How Much Certain Parties See


There are certain things that some patients are not comfortable sharing with other healthcare specialists in unrelated fields. This is because some health issues are entirely unrelated to other medical procedures and thus there is not need to disclose such events. Blockchain gives personal privacy settings to the patient once again. Certain security measures can be taken to limit disclosure. There are cases however when you would still need to fully disclose information to all healthcare officials such as the complete list of medications you are currently taking.