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Each year, artificial intelligence is becoming closer to a reality. While it has its skeptics and advocates, it is slowly being incorporated into businesses and people’s lives. While the future is still unclear, staying abreast of current AI trends is a way to stay familiar with its potential. Here are five ways that a business can incorporate AI into their organization.

Investing In AI Research

While AI technologies continue to grow year after year, tangible applications still remain unclear. This shouldn’t stop a company from keeping AI on its radar. Having a first mover advantage is worth conducting research.

In fact, AI has already created improvements for some companies. Harley-Davidson used AI in its marketing to produce extraordinary results. Their lead generation statistics saw an improvement of 2,930 percent in just three months after they introduced an AI system named Albert into their marketing strategy.

Use AI To Complement

A large fear is that AI will replace humans. Focus should be turned towards using AI as a complement to human labor. Determining how AI can improve service and efficiency is much more productive.

While AI will lead to a reduction in the need for certain types of human labor by automating certain processes, it will never totally replace humans. For example, China Merchants Bank used AI to replace basic query support. This allowed the bank’s staff to focus on more complex questions.


New technology and innovation will always have some type of knowledge gap. With AI, it’s more important to recognize the implications that it brings.

Essentials should be learned such as how certain programs learn from different types of data, how AI can be used in day-to-day operations and how investing in the innovation that AI brings can help position a company for the future.

New Jobs

Some individuals believe that AI will replace certain technical professions. While there will change in some areas, after AI replaces low-level tasks that are mandatory for each these operations, these systems will still need to have humans monitoring and making adaptions to them.

Keep HR Human

While AI is always evolving and being used in new ways, some fields should keep their human touch. As an example, HR works better by having humans in positions. Employers are going to react better to humans who are emotionally available to them when the employees have a question or grievance.